Wednesday, May 31, 2006


Seeking Talented PHP Web Programmer is looking for a talented PHP Web Programmer for a one-time, temporary, part-time project. Pay to be discussed. The ideal candidate would have the following qualifications:

Interested parties should send an email with attached resume to Kai Boutilier at kai(at)eslstudiocafe(dot)com. Thanks for your interest.


Skiing at Cypress Bowl

I had a soaking good time skiing at Cypress Bowl back in April.

Thanks to the wonders of Google Video, I can now embed videos taken on my digital camera straight on to my blog for your viewing pleasure!

Google Video has a startling array of videos of all different sorts, most of them posted by normal people or musicians (who may or may not be normal people). The ones I like aren't posted directly on the front page. Rather, they seem to be linked to other videos that are linked or tagged with other videos. The "Home Videos" tag has a mixture of good and bad. I'm not sure where I should look for the videos I want to see, although I've discovered that people who have made one good video tend to have several others done in a similar style. This shouldn't come as any big surprise.

The videos I want to see are like this and this, like just random Scapes, whether they be naturescapes or streetscapes, bright or dark, new or old (a vast archive of old footage is growing on the internet), it's kind of interesting to see different places and different times.

Plus, such footage is good for second language students too. Unnarrated videos are among the simplest of things to try describing in another language. I said "try" describing; I didn't say everybody can do it successfully. Depends on your language ability of course.

Well, enjoy. At some point I'll try and strap my camera to my helmet as I drive through traffic. That would be fun to make AND watch. I figure duct tape oughtta do it.

Thursday, May 11, 2006



Democracy isn't dead. It just hasn't had the chance to be born yet.

The quotation is my own, but let's just say I've been reading to much Chomsky interspersed with old John Scatman music videos from my youth.

Tuesday, May 02, 2006

So far this has been a fantastic trip back to the land of my birthplace: the West Coast of British Columbia, Canada. Vancouver,

I've been drinking pretty steadily since I got here, which is probably one reason why it took me three days to shake off the jet lag. On Saturday I went skiing and realized that I ought to be in China using Mandarin to teach the Chinese how to ski on their own mountains. I have some great video footage of me skiing. I will find a way to post it for your viewing pleasure.

I've met up with lots of friends. I even attended a band practice on Monday night.

I'll post more when I've got my pictures back in Taiwan. I didn't bring my USB cables to Canada.

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